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An Open Letter – From The Earth to The Geek

So you are the geek, a technologist or just an enthusiast who loves living by the bleeding edge of technology.You are technology oriented and yet despise the mainstream. You love hacks and always believe there is a better way of getting things done.If you relate to one,some or all of the above then be my guest and read on.

Well, I am your host – The Earth, and here is my open letter letter to you

Imagine you have a nice clean house and you have guests invited or otherwise. They are careless, they leave dirty footprints all over your clean floor, they break your things and pollute your house with smoke. I am sure you will not feel too good about it, well that’s exactly how I feel about you now. You are my guests in this planet which is my home. I offer my home to be your home for as long as you live there, but you lately have been becoming more like that inconsiderate guest that pollutes my house, depletes my resources and leaves his carbon footprint all over my beautiful house. You also sometimes forget that you share this house with other living beings who may not be as smart as you have evolved , but are entitled to the same privileges that you my friend enjoy during your stay here in my home, earth.

I understand that life as geek or technologist can mean you depend a lot electricity with your desktops,servers, printers, laptops, phones, tablets. You probably think you cannot do much when it comes to your insatiable hunger for power but then again given your daring adoption of new technologies you already live most of your life on the cloud so swapping your power hungry dual core laptop for lighter and portable laptop or a tablet should not be a big deal for you.Think about it, a majority of your digital life may not involve power processing. From what I hear today’s tablets and ultra-books have come a long way, not only do the pack enough processing power to handle most of your tasks, they are also power efficient.So while you sure will save money on your utility bills, you might also get some distraction free work done. Also please do pay attention to those EPA energy star ratings and recommendations.Yes, they do matter.

While we are at it, how about going for the rechargeable batteries. Dumping disposable batteries in landfills not only hurts me but also has immediate impacts on your fellow beings. So if you have to use disposable batteries, please consider recycling them. Yes, it might take a bit of extra effort on your part but will go a long way in help reducing your carbon footprint.

You have a natural instinct to hack things around. Hack your older gadgets, you will be surprised to find out that are not actually as obsolete as you are made think.What can be more cool than tuning that old music player into a backup USB disk or perhaps even a recovery disk for your Mac.But don’t be hoarder, if you cant find a justifiable use recycle your goodies or give them away to someone who might use them.

I know how much you hate digital spam in your inbox and how you relentlessly pursue the ultimate email nirvana of a zero inbox.I hate spam too, specially the physical spam in your physical good old mailbox, those paper flyers, credit card offers, coupons that are practically worthless , catalogues , restaurant menus, the list just goes on. I know, most of you are also considerate enough to recycle all that junk mail, but you can also stop the source. Well you have an app for that too! Apps that will take you off the mailing lists and keep you off for good. You just need to take the initiative. Think twice before signing up for a new loyalty card on your next shopping trip. I am sure you will appreciate a cleaner physical mailbox as much as you like your zero digital inbox.

You love food and I have an abundance, enough to make sure that you are properly nourished and never hungry. Going completely vegan might be a great option for your body, but may not be a practical one for you. How about starting to alternate to non endangered seafood? and guess what? some sea foods may actually boost your grey cells, specially the ones that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. So the next time you have a steak on your mind, try that grilled salmon for a change.Livestock produces gases and generally do contribute significantly towards increasing your carbon footprint. Also Give your local farmers market a try, you will be surprised by what you might discover there.

Alternate transport modes are great both for your budget and me. Biking to work one day week can be a great way to start. Those Hybrid cars have come a long way too. Yes, they are expensive initially, but the long term cost saving can cover that part and to top it all i heard they come with all those cool space ship style dashboards. Cant get more geeky than that :)

So you may ask why I choose you to send this letter? Well, you are the innovative breed, the so-called crazy ones. The rare ones who have both the willingness and ability to change something that really matters. A change that will not only impact your stay here, but also leave an impression on future generations that follow. You have the opportunity to set an example, a good example. And that’s why I write to you.

Have a great day and enjoy your stay here!

Your host,

The Earth.

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